Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding Details: Basics & Bridal Attire

I had an email the other day from theknot.com: 8 months until the wedding! Wow, is it that close? I can't believe Matt & I have already been engaged for a year and four months! It may seem long, but time flies by!I think I should start sharing some wedding details with you now. I have been scouring wedding blogs daily to find inspiration, as well as had a brainstorming dinner with my bridesmaids.
Everything is coming together nicely, and while I have so much more to do, I have a lot covered so far:

Date: May 26, 2012

Venue: St. Mary's College Garden of Remembrance. My college campus is so special to me, and I was overjoyed when Matt suggested it.
Colors: Sea glass colors. Variations of teals and blues. All of my girls have different color dresses.
And speaking of dresses.... I FOUND MINE! After a disappointing trip to David's Bridal and none of the stores in the area having what I was looking for, someone suggested I browse Nordstrom for ideas. And there it was! When Evee saw me in it, she ran over and hugged me.

Earrings: I saw them on etsy.com and fell in love. Mary Lyle was sweet enough to get them for me.In regards to shoes, I'm still debating exactly what I want. I started out wanting these:
Sears, $30. They're a great color and just what I want, but The comfort level just doesn't look like it's there. As someone told me, "Less shoe = sore feet."

I love this color too, but the heel is way to high to keep me from falling on my face, and my toes would like to breath on their big day.
These etsy shoes are super cute and feminine. With my luck I'd ruin them outside, but man are they nice to look at.

I also love these Caparros. Again, can't beat $30. My only issue is that I'm afraid navy blue may be too dark in contrast to all the other colors. At least they wouldn't show dirt, and I could find a lot to wear them with.

These RSVP wedges would be good for me: just enough height, and would help me from being a klutz.My front runner is a pair that look like they're Kate Spades, but are no where near matching in price. Insert the $325 Kate Spade slingbacks. Gorgeous, just what I'm looking for, but not within my budget for shoes.J. Renee however, is very much in my price range. They're only $80, and the two pairs look like they could be cousins.I am still undecided, and would appreciate any feedback or votes. I would love to find some light blue shoes if anyone has seen some!