Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crafting: Bulletin Board

The walls of our bedroom were looking a little bare, so I went and bought a bulletin board at Target for like $5 and dressed it up. Our room has a beachy/relaxing vibe to it, with white furniture, and a blue/teal color scheme.
The project was simple... I just painted the border, cut a piece of fabric to size, and push pinned the corners to the board. I'm sure you could hot glue it was well, but the fabric I used was really thin.

Then to add to the beachy feel of our room, I glued a few shells to the board.

Finished product!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big step... well, roll.

A milestone happened today. Eve rolled over all the way! I never realized such a small movement could make me so proud. It seems minute, but for her it changes so much. A lot has happened even in the last week: She grabs her bottle and reaches for things, has become progressively more ticklish, puts her arms out to be picked up, is more and more vocal with each day, and so many other things. In less than 2 weeks we will be intoducing her to cereal and baby food. I can't believe almost half a year has gone by already. I love every day of it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Crafting: Wall Hangings

When we switched our furniture around awhile back, it bothered me how bare the wall was in the dining area, so I decided to make something to put on it:

I bought flat canvases from Michaels and hot glues burlap to them. Then I hot glued the ribbon as well. For the bow to stay perfect, I tied it and glued down a few spots. You can put anything on them, but I put pictures on mine. I nailed the three of them up in a row on the wall, and I want to find a white shelf to go above them. Yay for beginners decorating!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The perfect spring accessory... my daughter! Oh how excited I am to put her in adorable warm weather clothes and document it through pictures all spring and summer long!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eve's First Easter

Happy Easter! Today was a wonderful day, but also exhausting. An earthquake couldn't wake Eve up; she had so much excitement. Matt and took Eve to my best friend Maria's house for an Easter celebration with all of her family. It was so good to see her, she lives 10 hours away in Tennessee, so visits are few and far between. They'll be in Maryland for the week, and I'll get to see her again next week for her son Keegan's birthday party! It was beautiful outside, and after Eve got her picture taken with the Easter bunny, we sat out on blanket with her and watched the older kids have an Easter egg hunt.

Eve with the Easter bunny

Family picture

Maria & I with Eve

After Maria's, I took Eve to my parents house for an Easter egg hunt and dinner. It was nice to be together for the holiday, but I wish my younger sister Kara, who is away at college in Georgia, had been with us. Eve was so tired from being out in the sun and seeing so many people that aside from waking up for a few minutes to have a cranky tantrum, she has been passed outsince after dinner. I hope the holidays in the future are this fun filled and go as well as today did.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Denim Flower Headband

I thought I would share my first accessory I made. I gave it to Rowena for her birthday, and got a casual summer dress from Victorias Secret to match it. Row always has the cutest accessories, so I knew she would appreciate it :)

For a craft beginner like me, it was pretty simple to make. Along with my hot glue gun, these are the supplies I used: A pair of old jeans (I held onto them as long as I could, but I had to let go at the large hole in the crotch,) scissors, a sewing kit, and headbands - I got a 4 pack at Forever21 for $2.

I found the tutorial for the jean flower at Tea Rose Home. For the headband portion, I first glued smll jean pieces vertically on the bottom parts of the headbnd. Then I cut a long thin strip from the pant leg, and hotglued underneath as I wrapped it around headband. Then I added the flower to the top. Simple, and cute!