Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recipe: Fruit Smoothie

I know there are millions of different ways to make a smoothie, but I have been making one type lately that I really like & wanted to share.

You will need:
apple juice
vanilla yogurt

Before I go to bed, I chop up the fruit and put it in a ziplock baggie in the freezer. Freezing the fruit makes my smoothie have consistency without even using ice. Also, I never have to worry about my fruit going bad.
When it's time to throw everything in the blender, I put in one cup of apple juice and a container of vanilla yogurt with my frozen fruit. And that's it, simple! It make up a serving size for one person, or two depending on your cup size.

What are some of your smoothie recipes? I'm always looking for more!


  1. These smoothies sound delicious! I will have to try them! I used to always get peanut butter dream from Golds but now I just make it myself. Much cheaper :)

  2. They look fantastic ! Thanks for sharing the recipe :) I'm your newest follower !