Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Family Get Togethers!

Yesterday & today have been very eventful with family visits- but as a result my house is very clean :) Matt's cousins from Florida & their friend are on a road trip, and stopped in Maryland for a few days. Yesterday they came up to Baltimore and we all went to the aquarium. It was Eve's first trip to the Inner Harbor. We did a lot of walking, but had a great time!

Today my parents came up and visited. They brought up some small furniture pieces for the house, and decorations for Eve's wall. I know it has been 6 months, but her nursery is just now finished - and I still have a few touches I still need to add! I just wanted it to be perfect, and organizing/finding a place for all her clothes took a long time! I'll put pictures up soon :)
Since it was another beautiful day like yesterday, we went to Starbucks before they headed out. Of course, I took pictures!

It has been a really great week so far, and I'm certain the rest of the week will be as well - especially with my first Mother's Day being this weekend!

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