Thursday, May 6, 2010


Attention Parents! I have been getting emails about A LOT of recalls lately. Check out the links, and if you use any of these products, do some research on whether or not they are safe for your little one(s).

Children's Medicine Recall
40 + medicine's are being recalled, including Children's Tylenol. Generic versions of the medicines are not on recall. Refunds can be collected if you have purchased any of these. The press release and list of medicines can be found here.

Graco and Simplicity Cribs
Simplicity cribs with tubular metal framing has been found to bend and/or fall off of the crib, causing the child to become trapped,strangled, or fall out. 13 cases of injuries, and sadly one death, have resulted from the unsteady frames.
Graco wooden drop-side cribs have a piece of the frame that can become lose or detach entirely, creating a space between the crib and mattress. The same type of danger as the simplicity crib can occur. 99 cases of injury have been reported, but no deaths.
Recall model numbers can be found here.

Infantino Slings
Three infant deaths have been caused by suffocation from the SlingRider. This is its second recall, the first dealing with possible fall danger. You can receive a replacement sling of another model by contacting the company. More information can be found here.

Pampers New Swaddlers and Cruisers Diapers
Although these diapers have only been out for about four weeks, thousands of parents have come forward with complaints about diaper rashes, some as severe as their babies developing bleeding blisters from the product. Article and video link is here.

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